tisdag 27 juli 2010

Sound around Wikileaks is sky high

When Assange realesed the "warlogs of the war in Afganistan"
the world listened. So with that we now Wikileaks have become a major force in the world.and no matter what people arguing about if it´s wrong or not. Information is born free. Then when you give it a thought they don´t arguing about the realese of the warlogs. They are realy conserned over the fact when they do any crappy things the whole world will know. Whith that maybe the era of doing crappy things will end? And the era of actual helping the countrys they invade. For it can´t be many people that want´s their name in nything putted up on Wikileaks from now on.
Or what do you think?

New Moon Official Soundtrack Monsters - Hurricane Bells

As they still trying to
internet-filter out Julian Assange home country to keep information domestic i ant to say that they not going to succed as information is born free. Australia have tryed to filter internet before costed hem $84-million aus dollar and 30min that misstake. For it took only that for one of those 15 year old hacker
to pass that $84-million big misstake.

A bit old but still a fact
ISPs show support for Internet filter trial

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